Monday, 10 October 2016

Benefits of Joining an Animal Volunteer Program Overseas

As an animal lover, you may have tried your hand at volunteering to help care for animals in shelters or by helping local organisations, but imagine going beyond this and joining an animal volunteering project overseas. By doing so, you not only get to experience a totally different group of animals, but you will experience a different culture, something that almost everybody craves for at least once in their lifetime.

Some benefits in joining an animal volunteer program abroad are:
  • Have someone else do all the work finding good projects for you – Volunteering abroad does not have to be complicated, it’s easier than you could have imagined. When you use a reputable not for profit volunteer recruitment organisation, you have access to a variety of fantastic, fun and worthwhile projects. These types of organisations aims to link nature and animal lovers with sustainable, conscientious and ethical animal rescue and release projects around the world.
  • Meet new people – One of the best things about travelling is meeting new and interesting people. This especially applies to volunteer projects as you have the chance to work alongside other well-meaning animal lovers who also volunteer, plus you get to spend time with some amazing animal carers and shelter owners. An opportunity to work with like-minded individuals who care about the safety and welfare of animals is a great way to make friends who are all working towards a common goal.
  • An opportunity to travel and see unique and unusual places – Animal volunteer projects are located in some of the most unusual places in the world, and volunteers who sign up to such adventures find themselves in places they would never usually find on a standard holiday. The outback of Australia, the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, the Whale Coast of South Africa, or the stunning Galapagos Islands, imagine finding a purpose here while you care for, study or research animals of various kinds.
  • Have fun – Jump into the deep end and try something different. Volunteer with animals and you will have the time of your life. Imagine a baby wombat running behind you as you teach it how to run, picking up a wallaby falling over from its healing injury, or having your hand near swallowed by an elephant steaking a banana ball? You can’t get these kinds of experiences on a normal holiday.  Koalas, elephants, sharks, turtles, wombats, birds, penguins and wallabies, the list is comprehensive. Then you may even have time to explore, sight see or laze around on a tropical island after your work is done.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Flexible and Sustainable Volunteering Projects in Australia and Abroad

We, as humans, are the stewards of creation, and we can all do our part in slowing the deterioration of our planet and help preserve what is left, by joining sustainable volunteering projects locally and overseas. A reputable non-profit volunteer recruitment organisation can help you find and join flexible and sustainable volunteering projects so that your contribution can be felt. Such organisations offer volunteers many different opportunities to rescue, care for, and rehabilitate animals and the environment where they live, and by participating, you will be exposed to an amazing firsthand encounter with some of our world’s most beautiful creatures.   

Volunteering projects in Australia and abroad can provide you with a lot of valuable and unique experiences with animals such as monkeys, koalas, pigs, kangaroos, lorises, eagles, lions, crocodiles and dingos. There are different types of projects needing volunteers, allowing you to stay for a short as one week to as long as six months (depending on the project and its requirements), and you can participate in animal rehabilitation, marine conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, animal care, veterinary assistance and wildlife research.

Volunteering in Australia and overseas is a great way to spend a sabbatical or a career break. It’s a way to get a fresh perspective on yourself, people and the world. It can open your eyes to many different ways of life, and may enable you to apply some skills to make a difference and contribute to a meaningful cause. Families, groups of friends, couples and individuals consider volunteering as a meaningful way to spend a holiday in Australia or abroad, and by joining a volunteering project, you can experience a more meaningful and enjoyable holiday because of the contribution you have made. Imagine spending time with like-minded people, getting up close and personal with animals, learning how to care for them, then releasing them to the wild. What a worthwhile endeavour.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Work with Animal Volunteer Programs in Australia: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Joining any one of the animal volunteer programs in Australia will provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives and survival of animals. The environment and animals are typically the lowest priority in today's social issues. As a result, funding and resources for environmental and animal conservation are usually limited, and not many people are working on it. Hence, your contribution will be considered valuable when you work in an animal volunteer program of a reputable non-profit organisation in Australia. To get started, consider volunteering with a not for profit organisation that recruits volunteers to assist in the care, rescue, rehabilitation, and release of animals.

Animal volunteering programs in Australia provide you with the chance to offer your skills, expertise, and time to a cause, which you find worthy. You get to work with and for the animals, the environment, and wildlife communities. Through a volunteer recruitment organisation, you have a unique opportunity to become involved in a meaningful project. You will be contributing to the daily routines and running of your chosen cause.

Reputable volunteer recruitment organisations support local animal rescue, rehabilitation, care, and release programs that have identified a real need for intervention. Likewise, they make sure that you are volunteering in a program that is effective and sustainable in their approaches. Your decision to volunteer will make a great impact, no matter how small your contribution is or how short your stay will be. By volunteering, you can become more aware of the need for assistance and team effort in ensuring better living standards for animals and realise the importance of the environment not just for the animals but also for humans.

Your contribution to an animal volunteer program will depend on the length or type of stay, the project's needs, and the country. In Australia, you can choose a seven-day holiday or a six-month stay. During your experience, you will be able to help many different types of animals like owls, koalas, turtles, and wombats.

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Animal Volunteering Projects in Australia: Learn More About Australian Animals

While it is always good to volunteer at local animal rescue and care centres, volunteering abroad in countries like Australia can help broaden your view of the importance of wildlife and the value of people working together to save it. Joining an animal volunteering project in Australia can also be your chance to learn more about Australian animals and travel abroad. If you are thinking of volunteering in Australia, be sure to sign up with a not for profit volunteer recruitment organisation that is based there.

A reputable animal volunteer recruitment organisation has access to ethical rescue shelters, carers, and hospitals that look after displaced and rescued wildlife. However, you need to be careful when exploring your options. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to volunteer with animals in Australia, and many recruitment agencies aren’t even based there, so be sure to choose an Australian-based organisation, and take steps to ensure that they have the safety, health, and welfare of the animals and the environment in mind.

Choose a not for profit volunteer recruitment organisation that it is owned, run and managed by committed volunteers who know the organisations inside out. Then you can be sure that you are volunteering at a project that supports the best interests of the environment and the animals in mind. Imagine getting up close with Australian animals including koalas, sea turtles, wallabies and wallaroos? Some projects give you the opportunity to personally care for these kinds of animals, feeding them and maintaining their enclosures to ensure that they are living in comfortable conditions until they are ready to go back into the wild. There aren’t many opportunities to do this in the world!

A good volunteer recruitment organisation in Australia links nature and animal lovers from around the world with a network of sustainable, conscientious, and ethical not for profit organisations concerned with the care, rehabilitation, release, and rescue of Australian animals. Why not join a project? You could benefit from an animal volunteering projects in Australia as you accompany your holiday with a unique travel experience while making a great contribution to criteria-assessed animal conservation and welfare projects.

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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Great Barrier Reef: An Eco Friendly Volunteering Tour in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is among the many attractions that Australia has to offer. It is also home to a huge population of marine turtles. However, because of disease, starvation and injuries caused by discarded fishing gear, boats or the ingestion of plastic materials and products that these gentle animals mistake for food, marine turtles are constantly rescued and taken into care. Fortunately, there are rehabilitation centres that take injured sea turtles brought in from the Reef and rehabilitate them, giving them specialised care and treatment.

A Rehabilitation Centre for sick marine turtles on the Great Barrier Reef is kept alive by volunteers as well as by donations from local businesses. Over the last 10 years, the centre has seen and treated in excess of 170 sick and injured Green, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill turtles, of which many have contracted "floaters disease," a disease common to sea turtles.

Volunteers offer their time and effort to assist. As you can imagine, there is feeding and cleaning to do, tourist tours to run and turtles to rescue and release. It is a great contribution to this self-sustainable rehabilitation centre as it could not be run without their help.  The volunteers get something in return of course, as this is very unique and special work and vacancies are limited. Where else would you get to be so close with some of the most prehistoric creatures on earth?

The centre is very much in need of additional hands that assist them in rehabilitating these turtles while sustainable and humane practices are promoted with the use of education initiatives to locals and tourists. Volunteers can enjoy being close with the turtles while completing simple tasks including cleaning turtle tanks, feeding the turtles, scratching the turtles, performing reef monitoring research, turtle release and providing any kind of assistance when requested. Volunteers may also enjoy a special visit to the Intensive Care Unit where they can see local volunteers care for critically injured or very sick turtles. Volunteers are expected to work in hot, humid, or wet weather, depending on the season in which they visit. You do not need to have any special skills to volunteer at this rehabilitation centre. The only requirement for this kind of volunteering projects is a love for animals and their welfare.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

10 Benefits of Great Barrier Reef Volunteering

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most iconic and popular natural wonders in Australia. The reef itself is a long ecosystem of hundreds of islands and thousands of reefs that are home to various species of fish, starfish, molluscs, sharks, dolphins, and turtles. There are not many volunteering opportunities that aim to help preserve the beauty and integrity of the Great Barrier Reef. You may have to research hard to find them. If you live locally or abroad, there is an opportunity to join a Great Barrier Reef volunteer program in Australia. There is a non-profit organisation that recruits volunteers for the project. When you become a Great Barrier Reef volunteer, you can:
  • Help treat sick and injured marine turtles – These animals are brought in from the Cape York Peninsula and the Great Barrier Reef due to starvation, disease or injuries caused by discarded fishing gear, boats, and ingested plastic. Most turtles suffer from 'floaters disease' too.
  • Keep a rescue centre for animals running – Volunteers can lend a helping hand at a rescue centre and assist in the care of sick and injured turtles. You can assist in cleaning turtle tanks, feeding turtles or work on special projects where you help with important research.
  • Gain some valuable and unique experiences– The Great Barrier Reef is unique to Australia and there is plenty of opportunity to explore while working with animals like the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill.
  • Make a big difference – The rescue centre opened over 3 years ago, and since then, its success rate in rehabilitating injured and sick animals and returning them to the sea has grown to over 85 percent from a mere 20 to 30 percent, thanks to the research that has gone into their care.
  • Spread the word – Apart from rehabilitating injured and sick turtles, you can help promote sustainable and humane practices through education and co-operation initiatives.
  • Help in reef monitoring research – Depending upon the time of year, volunteers can assist the staff in monitoring the reef.
  • Rescue turtles – Volunteers may provide assistance when there is a need to save turtles in distress.
  • Enjoy an adventure – If you love animals and travelling, volunteering on the Great Barrier Reef is an excellent opportunity to go on an adventure of a lifetime.
  • Clean the beach – Volunteers can participate in beach clean-ups on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Have fun – Volunteers are free to use water sports equipment during their free time.

Animal Volunteering Programs – A Helping Hand

Joining animal volunteering programs is a great opportunity to lend a helping hand to animal welfare and wildlife conservation groups, and many animal volunteer recruitment agencies offer you the opportunity to join a variety of animal volunteer programs abroad. Australia has only one organisation that is dedicated to animal volunteer recruitment giving you access to local animal welfare and wildlife conservation projects that no one else offers. Volunteering in Australia is a great way to experience hands-on animal rescue and rehabilitation and the opportunity to care for its beautiful wildlife.

Animal volunteering programs are a great way to spend your summer because they give people who have a love for animals, the opportunity to get up close and care for wildlife and the environment where they live. Projects can include animal rehabilitation, rescue, marine conservation, wildlife care, research, veterinary assistance and education programs. You can choose where to contribute by looking at the details of a project and seeing which one is suitable. Look at the location, types of animals you will be caring for, the type of work involved, the work hours and the length of stay.

Volunteers may prefer a one-week volunteering holiday or a longer three month stay. A non-profit volunteer recruitment organisation can help arrange your trip to Australia and connect you with a suitable Australian wildlife project. Reputable not for profit volunteer recruitment organisations are able to offer access to ethical wildlife conservation and animal welfare projects. Some also offer opportunities in other countries such as South America, Asia and Africa, so you should be able to find the right program for you.

You may choose to travel alone, however to make volunteer work more enjoyable, invite some of your friends and family with you. Animal volunteer programs can provide some valuable and unique experiences with animals like kangaroos, wallabies, monkeys, lions, bears, elephants, and turtles, and if you have someone to share it with, it can be an even more amazing experience. Many animal welfare organizations will welcome a helping hand from volunteers to keep their services running for the animals and help promote their cause, however ensure you book through a reputable volunteer recruitment organisation so you know you’re contributing to something legitimate.

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