Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Things You Need to Know About Australian Conservation and Animal Welfare Volunteers

Volunteerism is very much alive in Australia and people from across the country and the world are finding Australia the perfect place to get immersed in animal welfare. Volunteer travel, otherwise known as volunteerism is a popular concept among travellers to this side of the world, combining their vacation or holiday trip abroad with some volunteer opportunities that open them up to local conservation and volunteer projects, and a whole lot of life-changing experiences.

The opportunities for conservation and animal welfare volunteer travel are few and far between in Australia. Opportunities to care for wildlife are only found through select organisations who have built relationships with animal welfare organisations and/or wildlife carers over time and have structured local and international volunteer programs to suit. If are wanting to volunteer with animals, you will need to find such an organisation.

Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and, as such, threats to its natural beauty and resources are inevitable. The country is one of the most environmentally diverse places in the world and boasts sprawling desserts, coral reefs, sparkling coastlines, snow-capped mountains and vibrant cities. However, the influx of tourists wishing to admire these attractions is taking its toll on the natural environment. For example, tourists removing coral from the Great Barrier Reef. Also, because of climate change, pollution, urban development and agriculture, much of its beauty diminishes year after year. Fortunately, attempts to curb the trend are visible through various conservation projects and volunteering opportunities that various government and not-government organisations pursue and implement, and efforts to conserve Australia’s natural diversity are plenty. Due to the multitude of passionate individuals who dedicate their time to care for this land and its inhabitants, great and unique opportunities have become available. As a volunteer with one of these organisations, you can follow your passion or your curiosity and contribute to conserving some of the most precious natural resources in the world, and it’s animals in need.  

There is only a short list of conservation and animal welfare organisations that you can become affiliated with in Australia if you wish to pursue volunteerism in this country, and only one Australian-owned organisation that is dedicated to animal projects only. They offer the opportunity to travel to various parts of the country including the coast, the forest, the reef and the outback, and places you may not have seen before caring for animals and the environment. Conservation and animal welfare groups tackle the ramifications of climate change, pollution, displacement and human/wildlife conflict, all of which are integrated into the larger scheme of things that encompasses complex environmental and conservation issues. Volunteers can do their part, no matter how small, and can become involved in caring for hurt and displaced animals or in a variety of conservation different activities such as planting trees, rebuilding wildlife habitats and restoring forests (weed control, invasive species control, etc.

Volunteer projects start from a week’s contribution to a matter of months depending on how much time you’ve got to spend.  

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