Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Things You Should Know About Overseas Volunteer Programs

Animal welfare is a broad term that encompasses the general wellbeing of animals, and volunteering in the field of animal welfare is a way that people can contribute while gaining experience, skills and life lessons. In my experience I have found it can be particularly beneficial to individuals who are interested in or studying animal psychology, veterinary medicine or animal research or conservation, in addition to those who simply have a deep love for animals.

Overseas volunteer programs that centre on animal welfare vary widely, and there are many that aren’t geared towards the welfare of the animals, however there are a few projects that have the best interests of the animals at heart and are designed to provide an exceptional level of care. Volunteers are needed within these organsations to help with the workload of caring for and rehabilitating these animals for release, where possible, and in turn, they are provided with a unique opportunity that is not able to be gained elsewhere.  Imagine working with a like-minded team to look after wildlife, help promote animal rights, conduct research, educate communities and fundraise. Animal volunteering programs abroad provide these kinds of opportunities for individuals who hold a great passion for animals and the environment to interact with wildlife close hand.

Working with wildlife highlights the issues as to why these animals came to be in care. It educates and enlightens someone to the real fact of habitat destruction, one of the biggest threats to animals. It is here that we become horrified to the destruction of species on a daily basis and how people, corporations and governments make decisions nonchalantly that leave countless animals displaced, injured and on the endangered list.

Animal welfare is becoming a larger concern around the world since social media has put the world in touch with what is really happening, therefore there are more and more people wanting to help. International volunteers are the largest group with volunteers choosing to travel overseas for wildlife volunteering opportunities. It’s a good way for people to travel and experience a country while seeing the native wildlife up close, without visiting or supporting zoos and wildlife parks which, in most cases, exploit animals for profit.

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